The in betweeen……


The plan, but first..............

The picture above was one of the first sets of plans drawn up for the rebirth of  our King street location. The pictures in this post are but a few of the hundreds that were taken during the demolition period. I will try to give a sense of how much work it was to gut and empty out our building. What was supposed to be a quick turn around of maybe a couple months and was really just supposed to be a cosmetic facelift to the old restaurant turned into this. Who knew how much of a toll years of bad plumbing jobs, poorly executed electrical repairs, layers of paint, years of dust, a century of so many different types of businesses inhabiting this building had taken. In our effort to do things properly meant basically emptying the building and stripping everything back to the bare walls. And that’s exactly what we did. Here is the proof.


Before we could set our boys loose on destroying the place we had to clean out the old fixtures, funny enough this stuff was all sold. Some restaurants just don't die!

After removing the fixtures and all the silk it was time.

Demolition! Day one. It's too bad that this exercise in relieving aggression has to happen before working with the designers.

The delicate removal of treasured items using prybars, hammers and brute strength. Other more precise jobs required an axe.

To say that the place hadn't been cleaned in a while was like saying that the place just needed a coat of paint.

The original bar was so big it had to be cut into sections to get it out of the place

The removal of the bar. Dirty, smelly, sticky and heavy.

The yellow brick we hoped would run the length of the building was missing when we opened up the walls.

Not what we wanted, but to be expected in a hundred year old building.

Whatever we didn't save ended up looking like this.

The morning ritual, Tim Hortons and more garbage.

We filled 6 of these with garbage.

While the front was being demolished we started the kitchen clean up. Scraping, scrubbing and a major degreasing.



And a major degreasing!

Loading up the cleaned kitchen equipment into the shipping container to be stored out back untill the kitchen was finished.

The kitchen stripped and all the stoves and fridges powerwashed and in a shipping container out back. Ready for new tiles.

When washroom are this filthy there is only one way to clean them....

Like this.

The original managers office in the basement, on it's way to becoming something much more important. See below.


Gutted and soon to being our new wine cellar and the show piece of the downstairs.

The turning in of one of the extra beer fridges into a room for making pasta.

Tearing open walls and moving equipment in the basement looking for leaks.

 The process took about 2 months. The first few days were fun, ripping into the place with abandon. Weeks later it seemed endless and overwhelming. With the building emptied it had promise and now many months later with the finishing touches about to begin it feels like ages ago that we started. Stay tuned for the next post and watch the transformation unfold.



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