The in between, part two

Little reminders to keep everyone in line.


This process has taken months. A lot longer than any of us had expected. We have faced tremendous hurdles and as construction is now moving along and the finishing has begun, there is an actual end in sight. It’s comforting to know that if ever you want to go to a restaurant where every single square inch has been thought about, measured, changed, redesigned and redesigned again, all for your pleasure, than this is the place.  All the months of frustration, day dreaming and hard work are finally starting to take shape. There is a buzz amongst us and a feeling that all of the struggles are finally about to pay off.      

 Final decisions about logo’s, paint color’s, lights, tables, floor colors, tiles, toilet paper holders, tea pots, napkin folds, email addresses, salt shakers, and music have been made. Next are decisions about staff, uniforms, style of service, cocktails, the color of the cocktail napkins, websites, toilet paper, positioning statements, press releases, wine lists, cream and sugar holders, washroom signs, purse hooks, and place mats.     

The front entrance framed.


Hiding a big ugly bulkhead above the stairway to downstairs. Because space is such an issue this enclosed area will hide the stereo, light switches and also double as a closet.


The bar area with the brick exposed, being prepped for new tile.


The new bar made out of solid walnut butcher block.


Picking the finishes for the bar top.


Tony doing some research and development, oh and testing the finishes.


When we were done with the ceiling it ended up looking like this.


Good thing the drywallers were able to do this.


The holes for the infamous lights that moved many times.


The lights in their final home.


We found someone who took reclaimed yellow brick and cut it into thin strips and was able to match it up our existing walls. Here it is ready to go up on the walls.


And this is the end result.


The constant to do lists posted everywhere.


We love writing on walls.


Late night wall sketches of custom kitchen stainless shelves we dreamt up.


When inspiration strikes you have to write it down, doesn't matter where.


A cardboard drawing of a piece for behind the bar.


The new womans washroom stalls, tiled and with the trim installed.


Patching done on the old hardwood floor.


The wine cellar with the insulation blow in, drywalled and with the doors installed.


Laying down the new kitchen floor, all in grey but what you can't see are the fire engine red tiles just put on the walls.


Respect for the trades.


The finished kitchen, I might be biased but I will definitely have the coolest kitchen in the city!


It was a very happy day when this showed up. Our Moretti Forni pizza oven from Italy. I can almost taste it!


Out the kitchen window looking into the dining room.


Having the blown insulation put into the dining room ceilings.


The hoarding in place as the new front was being installed.


Another suprise occured when the wall came down for the new front door and this steel beam was right in the middle of the opening. Oops!



The end is near and will I ever be glad when this month is over!


We have given ourselves two weeks to open, enough talking about it, it’s time. Its good to finally see things we envisioned be designed and delivered. It nice to see the place starting to come together. It will be a relief to  finally wipe off all the dust and be polishing instead of scraping. Now it’s time to hire the people that we are going to intrust to carry forth our vision. To be honest it’s a bit frightening. I am confident in  our opening management team, we have worked together for months, discussing in front of the espresso machine every morning just how we are going to different and how we are going to put our stamp on this city. We have had inspiration at the weirdest moments, had heated conversations in walk in fridges, scribbled notes on almost anything and complied them into a manifesto that will be handed to our new employees. It will talk about a culture of food, consistency, passion, common sense, communication, organization , sharp knives, and pressed shirts. It’s now our job to get them to understand all the things we as management have been debating and discussing over the past months. The way a place looks only goes so far and once construction is over the real job begins.  


2 Responses to “The in between, part two”

  1. 1 Scott Sherman
    March 27, 2010 at 10:21 pm

    Hi Chris,

    I just came across your blog while trawling craigslist. Big ups brother! I love the way you’ve posted pictures of all the staff. You and Tony – too much fun! Best to both of you.


  2. April 22, 2010 at 1:34 am

    I recognize that handwriting.

    P.S. Love the shaggin’ wagon.

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